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ServicesIndoor & Outdoor Concrete and Cement Work for Every Need

  • Steps

    Flat, Bullnose, Industrial, Colored, Designer

    We can construct a wide array of styles, layouts, and colors to complement every home. Whether it’s concrete, brick, limestone or even designer pavers, we’ll work with the customer to determine that desired appearance.

  • Basic Concrete

    Patios, Sidewalks, Driveways, Floors

    We pour it all: Driveways, sidewalks, patios, slabs, floors and more. We even handle those pesky cracked or lifted blocks damaged by tree roots, cars, plumbing problems or general wear.

  • Pattern/Design Concrete

    Patios, Sidewalks, Driveways, Floors

    Our concrete flatwork comes in many different flavors. From stamped, aggregate, and colored designs to customized patterned layouts, we will create even the most unique appearance.

    • Retaining Walls

      Water and soil are tough on these strongholds, particularly with those yearly frosts taking their toll. We generally build our walls with brick, stone, cinderblock or composite and we also parge and repair dilapidated walls to breathe life back into them.

    • Stucco

      Natural, Colored

      We offer various textures from smooth to rough, and customers can choose from many different colors to protect their home from the elements with certified waterproof cement. What a difference a fresh new look can make!

    • Hardscaping

      We offer a wide variety of pavers, flagstones, slates and custom stones from brands such as EP Henry and Techo-Bloc. From new, slick brick to antique pavers, we’ll work with you to help select a look that suits your needs perfectly. Sealing and locking certain types of pavers will help protect your investment.

      • Basement Walls

        We use certified waterproof cement to restore basements to that desert dry feel and eliminate mustiness, dirt, and build up of mold. Drylock waterproof latex-based paint can also be used to seal walls for that clean, tidy look.

      • Waterproofing

        We use a variety of sealants, epoxies, caulks, and even cement based products to keep water out. Thorocoat is one such product that can ensure the structure stays dry for a long time. Ask for details.

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